2019 - A Wish

Happy New Year, reader.

Another turn around the sun. Look how far we've travelled. And how far we've yet to go. And doesn't it seem like the further we journey together, the more obvious it becomes that we're going round in circles? We've spun 584 million miles through space, only to find ourselves right back where we started.

Ready to do it all again?

I've often thought that the greatest tragedy of our collective humanity is our inability to take the long view. We find it difficult to plug any given action in the here and now into the GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS. This rings true on a cosmic spectrum that runs from "Just one more biscuit..." to "I'll just annex Poland...". If we were able to see the consequences of our actions in the long run - what a different world we'd live in. Imagine the will power we'd have to keep going to the gym, if we could see, viscerally SEE, the sculpted muscles and elevated fitness in which such labours would result. Not glossy pictures of models but actually you - more at ease, less out of breath, two years from now.

Or how much easier it'd be to tackle changes in our climate if we could experience the world waiting for us - clean air, lower ocean levels, diseases isolated and controlled. What if every air mile travelled, every steak eaten, every food wrapper discarded showed us in that exact moment the world slipping away from us? Not as a general trend but how every ... single ... individual action counts.

What world could we build then?

So with that in mind, my wish for 2019 is this.

That we know ourselves (as well as anyone can).
That we understand that we are part of something greater.
That every footfall drives us to a new destination.  Every action creates ripples of consequence for everyone else.
My wish is that we harness that interconnectedness. That we celebrate it.
That you will bring a brick.
And I will bring a brick.
And that together we will build a cathedral.
One brick at a time.