5 Places You’ll Find Me This Greenbelt

Greenbelt Festival 2017 is almost upon us! Time for morning chai lattes, big top talks under rain and late night gatherings at the Jesus Arms. If you’re planning on going this year here’s my pick of 5 things you can join me at.

I usually avoid any sort of participatory event, but I’ll make an exception for this one: Alice Wroe is back again to take us on a journey through history with 'Herstory'. Women’s stories have been omitted from history for far too long, and it’s time to bring them back. All genders welcome.

I don’t often read the news while I’m at Greenbelt (not least because the 4G isn’t great), but you’ll definitely find me listening to this breaking news. Bridget Minamore has some truth to give us in a time of fake news. Have a listen to this and then come and join me.

I hope it’s just started to rain as I sit in the performance café with a cup of tea and a blanket to listen to Mahalia’s gorgeous vocals (don’t worry, this will be the only time it’ll rain, promise). I won’t try to persuade you, just listen for yourself.

You’ll definitely find me listening to Christian Aid’s very own Mohammed Adow. He’s our resident climate change policy expert and as inspiring as it gets. He also likes to sneak climate-related jokes into his talks, so all you climate geeks better get yourself there and take your bingo cards.

David Benjamin Blower has just written a book called ‘Sympathy For Jonah’. It’s a series of reflections that explore the politics of ‘enemy love in a time of fracture’. Sounds relevant, eh? I’ll be sitting in on his talk. He also happens to be part of the Nomad Podcast. If you love Jesus but dislike religion, this is the podcast for you.