5 Things You Have To See This Greenbelt!

Josie Long is only 34 but has been part of the British comedy scene for what seems like donkeys! In a nutshell, she’s funny. Really funny! It’s her first Greenbelt and she’ll undoubtedly knock it out of the park. Here she is doing lols about British politics, which Christian Aid in no way endorses...

James Acaster is a rising star on the British comedy scene. When he’s not starring on Live At The Apollo or Mock The Week he’s pronouncing tomato wrong. This is his first time at Greenbelt so play nice.

Lemn Sissay is a word wizard. He published his first book of poetry at the age of 21 and has never stopped. ‘Legend’ is an overused noun, but not in this case. Here he is giving a Ted talk in 2013 about being a foster child. Get. On. It.

Gungor have been described as ‘indie/post/prog rock’ but are self-styled ‘alternative, folk and experimental’. Whatever you want to call their sound it’s uplifting, contemplative and collaborative (at any moment there’s between 3 and 10 members of the band). Here they are faffing about with paint and frolicking in deserts and mountains. They’ll be performing at Greenbelt on the Sunday (28th).

Hope And Social are a musical act that have been on and off at Greenbelt since 2011. This year, they’re doing things a little differently, with their new show ‘A Band Anyone Can Join’. So, they’re more than just a musical act which you can’t afford to miss, they’re an act you can actually join. Exciting times.

You can check out Greenbelt's entire 2016 line up here. We've also curated a playlist of some of the most epic musical acts to be performing at this year's festival which you can listen to here.

What about you? What are you looking forward to this year? Let us know in the comments!