5 Ways To #PressforProgress This International Women’s Day

From placards and pussy hats to pin badges and hashtags, it feels like we are once again at a critical time in history for women’s rights. Since the last International Women’s Day we have seen a global outpouring of outrage at the abuse and degradation experienced by women from all walks of life. Women are speaking up (often at great cost to themselves) and for the first time, someone is listening.

Today is just one day but there are lots of ways you can take action throughout the year. Here are 5:

1) Purchasing power

Put your money where your mouth is and support the many talented women in the arts and sports by seeing their films, buying their books, attending their exhibitions and cheering them on from the stands.

2) Burst your bubble

Make a conscious effort to widen the range of voices you are listening to on a daily basis. Social media, YouTube videos and events are great ways you can connect with and hear from women from communities around the world with different experiences but shared goals.

3) Be a friend with the facts

Get clued up on consent and who can help if a friend comes to you and says they are experiencing abuse or harassment.

Make sure your school, church, uni, or workplace has information about where people can go for help if they need it. Placing posters on the back of toilet doors are a great way you can get and recieve information discreetly and safely.

4) Use your voice to #PressforProgress

Whether it is challenging sexist jokes when you hear them, registering to vote, adding your voice to campaign actions, or organising awareness-raising activities in your school, uni, church or workplace. Go for it!

5) Show your solidarity

Christian Aid works with inspiring women around the world who are challenging inequality and injustice in their own communities every day. Why not organise a fundraising event to show your solidarity and support their fantastic life-saving work.

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