I Got Crabs In Bangladesh

Once you’ve got them I can promise you, you won’t be the same. They change things, the little critters.

They’re a special kind of game-changer in Bangladesh though...

Climate change has been dramatically affecting weather in Bangladesh over the last few years. The sea levels have been rising and bodies of nice fresh water like ponds and lakes that sit near the coast have gone salty as a result.

Now, this doesn’t sound like a biggy but so many money making and survival activities are dependent upon this fresh water. Stuff like animal rearing and fishing, rice growing and watering plants. Most animals and plants don’t do well in salty water.

I’ll tell you what do though.

Crabs. Crabby crabby crabs. 

One of the organisations Christian Aid partner with in Bangladesh, Shushilan, really nailed a way to adapt to this changing climate and its salty consequences with these guys. They’ve been teaching locals how to rear, fatten and then sell the crabs which fortunately thrive in these changing waters.

The impact of this is big.

Brother and sister Gopal and Jiyanti used to not go to school very often, their parents were struggling to feed and clothe the family, let alone afford the school books necessary for schooling.

That’s changed though, hurrah! The family crab business that became established thanks to the tutelage of Shushilan means that Gopal and Jiyanti are finally getting access to education, and the whole family have food and clothes a-plenty.

Nice one Shushilan. I guess getting crabs can be a good thing.