Aim For The Stars

‘Being born in a country like Myanmar is bad luck.’

Maw Moe Myar is 24 years old. She’s lived in Myanmar her whole life.

Instead of the sky being the limit (like any normal person in their mid twenties) she believed that her limits were determined by the borders of her country.

There are a few good reasons for this.

As she grew up, Myanmar was a country in the grip of military rule - A military rule which burned down her village and made her an IDP (Internally Displaced Person) in the process.

32% of Myanmar’s population live in poverty on a daily basis (World Bank, 2015).

She was born a girl - in a country where women have dramatically fewer rights than men.

Undeterred Maw threw aside decades of resentment,

‘I accept I am here and I think of what I can do for the community and to better the state.’

And better the state she has done.

Whilst most of us would wallow in self-pity and lick our wounds, she decided to join the Karenni National Youth Organisation. And it’s here that she’s thrived.

When faced with an ever increasing number of internally displaced people in her community, Maw has demonstrated compassion and leadership time and time again.

‘I helped people who used to be refugees by raising their awareness of their rights, sharing information, giving training on leadership, understanding the peace process, learning computer skills and about local governance.’

When she saw gender inequality in her daily life, she refused to hold her tongue.

‘We have young woman groups and we believe women should be able to lead. Men need to give them space to do so.’

When confronted with a failing state, she decided it was her duty to educate the next generation.

‘Youth have to lead. Before, they were afraid to speak in front of others. They were scared but for the country to change and transform, the youth has to lead. They need the capacity and skills to do this which is why I work for this organisation.’

And Maw still isn’t satisfied with her current success.

‘I have too many hopes for the future! There are a lot of things I’m hoping for. I want to lead more and be involved in bringing changes. I’m very interested in changing the 2008 constitution. But you cannot just stay outside and just shout, you need to be in the system and change from within so I want to compete for a seat in parliament in 2020 and then I’ll be involved in changing this constitution.’

And you know what? I fully believe that Maw can achieve all of her dreams, and much much more!

As Maw shows, where we are born shouldn’t define who we are. No future is set from birth. Our fate is only as great as our ambition.

Aim for the stars, and you’ll soar beyond your limits! Even the confines of your countries borders.