All Mums Should Live

Jebbeh is heavily pregnant – something that should be a cause for much excitement and joy. But she lives in Sierra Leone. As such, she instead has reason to say: “I have fear.”

This fear is very much warranted. Recently, Jebbeh’s sister, Fatmata, was pregnant in a nearby village with no hospital. As a result, she had no choice but to walk for three hours, under the baking sun, to seek medical assistance. She tragically never made it. Jebbeh told us:

“My sister was crying out with hunger. She died on the side of the road. She never gave birth.”

What happened to her sister is sadly not a one-off occurrence. 10 more women will die today from giving birth in Sierra Leone.

But as her due date looms closer, Jebbeh is not without hope:

“I pray, when that day comes, God will help me to deliver safely, so that I can have a bouncing baby and I’ll be healthy.”

She is also not without a voice:

“My message to people in the UK is to help and pray for us so that mums will not continue to die in Sierra Leone.”

As such, we stand with Jebbeh this Christian Aid Week. And we invite you to stand with us.

Your support today could save lives. You could help communities in Sierra Leone build bigger, better health centres, where mums can deliver their babies safely.

Jebbeh is right when she says: “You should not die, we should not die, all mums should live.”

You have the power to help make this happen. Please use it.


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