Christian Aid Week

Weather is getting wilder in Bangladesh. So is the river.

Its waters are rising above its banks, destroying homes as it goes. 

Each year, when the snow melts on the Himalayas, the river rises. Sometimes the water creeps slowly into houses, other times the raging floods destroy homes completely. Living by the river means living in fear. It means living with no place to truly call home.

This Christian Aid Week we're exploring what it looks like to be raised up, above the water, to living a fuller life. We've been helping to literally raise the land that people live on so they can keep animals, grow their crops and have a safe house to live in.

Watch this year's Christian Aid Week film 'The Mighty River' and then follow the links below for resources and actions you can take.

Turn £5 into £50

Christian Aid Week Bible study 

More on Christian Aid Week

During Christian Aid Week we're trying to raise over £12 million. To be part of it, give what you can or hold a fundraiser in your community. To pay in the money you raise, CLICK HERE.