Christian Aid Week 2017 is here!

It's one of the biggest acts of Christian witness in the UK, where thousands of people from all over the country give, act and pray for the poorest people in the world.



Since 1945 we've been raising money for refugees.

We won’t turn our backs now.

 As you're reading this, thousands of refugees are stranded in Greece, having made the treacherous journey from the middle east, fleeing violence and conflict. In December 2016, we visited some of the refugee camps in Greece where your donations are providing food, shelter, and psychological and legal support. 

These are the stories of people who risked their lives in search of a better life:

Give what you can this Christian Aid Week and you'll be joining thousands of christians across the country who refuse to turn their backs. 

Last year we raised £12 Million in one week. Lets beat it this year!