Creator Collective

What does it mean to follow a God that cares for the poor?

We want to be a movement for change. A platform for Christian voices across different church traditions talking about justice, speaking truth to power and sharing stories of activism from a faith perspective.

That means we're looking for content that people are passionate about, a remit that is far broader than the issues Christian Aid works on directly. In essence we're looking for anything that falls within the intersection of faith, justice and culture.

Which is a major intersection.

To help us find young Christians of vision and talent, we're launching the Creator Collective - an opportunity for creators of every discipline - writers, artists, designers, film-makers - to add to the global conversation on poverty, faith, community and activism.

We have a lot of plans - there'll be opportunities to get some of you together for creative training days and even to send groups out on communication trips to see our work on the ground.

For now we're simply asking - what are you passionate about? What does a justice-centred faith lead you to create?

If you have a story to tell, if you want to use your talents to change the world, we want to hear from you. The form below is simply to express an interest in the Creator Collective. We'll use the information you provide to contact you directly so we can discuss your ideas further.

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