Eat, Act, Pray - December

That’s £500 spent on food that literally ends up in the bin!

What if, today, we committed a fraction of this waste to feeding desperate people?

No, we’re not suggesting posting potatoes or couriering carrots. We’re talking about cold hard cash, that would otherwise be at the bottom of your bin, going towards feeding a family for a week.

South Sudan is currently suffering an unthinkable famine. Families are struggling to live on what meagre food they can find. Harvests have failed due to drought since Sept 2016 and 3 years of civil war has left millions homeless and without support.

But this isn’t the end of the story.

Salamata Zoundi is 27 and the mother of two-year-old triplets and a 7 year old girl. A couple of years ago she was forced to migrate to the Ivory Coast after a similar drought in Burkina Faso (her home) rendered harvests fruitless. Life in Ivory Coast wasn’t much easier. She struggled to feed her then new-born triplets due to malnutrition and often had to beg for food. When her triplets became sick, Salamata returned to Burkina Faso where they too were diagnosed with acute malnutrition.

Back home, Salamata’s father was involved in a project which Christian Aid help fund. She received cash transfers to buy ingredients and training in how to make more nutritional meals. Her burgeoning family is now in good health.

“The project is really what helped save my children. I am now happier and don’t worry about their health.”

There are times when ‘long term, sustainable development’ projects need to take a back seat. There are times when the immediate need to keep people alive takes precedence over building thriving economies in which individuals can fly.

So, this Christmas, we’re asking you to turn waste into hope. £10 can feed a family for a week. What’s that, a few less chocolates on Christmas Day?

There’s also a bonus this year. For every £1 you donate to our South Sudan appeal the UK Government will match it. So £10 is worth £20.

Waste not, want change.

Talk it over

Every year the UK throws away 12 million carrots, 11 million roast potatoes, 10 million parsnips, 9 million boats of gravy, 8 million balls of stuffing, 70 million mince pies, 6 million jars of cranberry sauce, 4 million Christmas puddings and 2 million turkeys.

  • How is it that we create so much waste?
  • How does it make you feel that famine is still so persistent in 2017? Angry, surprised, guilty?
  • In what way can we respond?


Take Action

First, watch this film:

You can donate to our Christmas South Sudan appeal here. Remember, every £1 you donate is doubled! Go crackers (pun intended).


There’ll be no recipe this month. It’s Christmas, so you know what to do…


God of plenty,

Hallowed be your name.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And help us share it,