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Drop The Debt

What’s your earliest activist memory?

Mine was sitting on my dad’s shoulders, hands scrunched in his hair as we made up the numbers in an ‘Easter People’ march through Skegness town centre, imploring the government of the day to ‘drop the debt’.

Campaigning against developing countries debt was all the rage in Christian circles and the movement which started in the early 90’s really found its feet a few years later when the official Jubilee Debt Campaign took off.

It scored some significant victories but in truth it never really went away. There was no real ending to that campaign. Many developing countries are still saddled with debt that they might never be in a position to pay back and the Jubilee Debt Campaign still powers on.

For Christian Aid Week this year we’re once again calling on the UK government to use what leverage they have in asking the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to drop debt, specifically Sierra Leone’s.

See, when Ebola reared its ugly head in Sierra Leone in 2013 the country had no option but to ask the IMF for financial assistance in tackling the epidemic.

Sierra Leone wasn’t in a great position to start with. It’s still the most dangerous place on earth to have a baby, is consistently rated among the poorest countries in the world and its health infrastructure is in tatters.

Then Ebola struck and made everything 10 times worse.

The country still lacks the funds to properly run decent health clinics, ambulances and the training of personnel. Now that the Ebola crisis is over and the international gaze has moved on they are left to carry on but now saddled with unserviceable debt.

It’s a vicious circle.

So, we’re asking YOU to contact the British Chancellor to lobby the IMF and once again, drop the debt.

It's 2019. If, like us, you believe it's immoral to burden hugely impoverished countries with unserviceable debt due to a natural disaster they had little say in then put your name to our latest campaign action.

Drop The Debt

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