Eat, Act, Pray - March

Wario Adhe works for a Christian Aid partner called PACIDA (Pastoralists Community Initiative Development and Assistance) based in northern Kenya.

He recently shared this story with us:

“It’s a normal dry, windy, dusty and extremely hot Saturday morning in Burgabo, Kenya. Pastoralists (livestock herders) converge at the only water point in the vicinity, patiently waiting their turn to give water to their emancipated livestock.

In the normal dry season, the average time it takes to get all their animals watered is 3 – 5 days. This year, it's taking between 9 – 12 days. The long wait in the overwhelming 45 degree heat, has already claimed thousands of livestock and donkeys.

At around 5pm the clouds started to build - the rains had arrived. The thirsty population stared up at the sky, longing for raindrops to quench their thirst. Suddenly, huge volumes of dust engulfed the area. The pastoralists rushed to their tin houses to shelter from the dust. For 20 minutes the rain pounded the barren earth, coupled with strong winds that rushed across the treeless plains.

Afterwards, a confused and barefooted herder, body soaked with water and mud, comes shouting and the villagers rush to enquire about what went wrong.

They didn’t expect the rains so suddenly, or so strong. The short, unseasonal evening shower claimed hundreds of animals’ lives. In total, about 740 goats died in less than 30 minutes.”

Families living in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia are at risk of starvation.

Two successive seasons of failed crops and prolonged dry spells have put more than 14 million people in need of food and clean water.

Talk it over

“...the good news to a hungry person is bread.” - Desmond Tutu

Most of us have never experienced famine and hopefully never will. We’ve likely never experienced real hunger, or the stress of not being able to feed our loved ones. But it’s happening, now, in May 2017.

  • How can we respond to the injustice of hunger?
  • Is it possible to live a more sustainable life, one that doesn’t rely on the suffering of others?
  • Is poverty merely material?



When Jesus sat to down to eat with people, amazing things happened. But there were times when Jesus would also retreat and fast. Amazing things happened in this space too.

We won’t be sharing food this month.


Father God, we need you.

We lift up to you the millions of people bearing the brunt of the famine in East Africa. We don't know their name or faces, but know they are known to you.

Be with them, comfort them, strengthen them. Afford them peace in the most stressful of times. May your presence be with those who are desperate and grieving and may it also be in us, who doubt our ability to support them.

Bring us hope, in Jesus' name,