Eat, Act, Pray - May


Our lives and our stories are bound up in one another, so this month we’ve got five stories and a petition for you to take part in. It's time to remind our political leaders that when poverty and injustice affects one person, it’s a threat to all people.

Currently there are over 65 million people around the world who have been forced out of their homes because of conflict or war, with nowhere else to go. We want to make sure that no one is left behind without a safe place to live.

As you sit down for dinner this month, read through each of the following stories. As you do so, take a piece of red wool/thread/ribbon/shoelace and tie a knot in it for each person whose story you hear, lifting them up in prayer as you do so.


Now, pop all your wool in an envelope and post it to us – we’re going to tie it together with the threads of thousands of others who have done the same prayerful action - thousands of others who are not prepared to ignore the hungry, the thirsty and the sick. Thousands of others who, together, are part of a different story where no one is left out.

The Collective, Christian Aid, 35 Lower Marsh, London, SE1 7RL

We’re then going to give it to our political leaders as a giant visual petition, reminding them that our lives are too interconnected to ignore those who have nowhere to go.



Living Lord Jesus,

As we lift, turn, thread and tie knots in red ribbons, cloth or pieces of wool bind our lives ever closer with all who seek refuge, and may our hearts be entwined with all those in need of a safe place to call home. 

And may we never be tongue tied when we raise our voices to call for justice, for the widow, the orphan and the stranger.

So help us, God. Amen.