Food For Thought

Honestly, we totally get that giving a couple of quid to charity appeals once in a while can feel pretty pointless, like it does nothing and so there’s no point.

But there is.

We’ve been doing this charity thing for over 70 years now and have learned how to use your money so effectively that even the littlest amounts can have the biggest impact.

Right now, what’s happening in Ethiopia and the suffering it’s causing merits action. We need to up our game and give what we can - even if that’s just a little bit.

How can we not?

Naema is 15 and fortunately goes to a school, alongside two of her sisters and one of her brothers, where Christian Aid has a feeding programme. This ensures children a special type of porridge made from maize, soybean and nutritional supplements. It gives them the maximum amount of good stuff we can possibly fit into one meal and so far we’ve provided over 4000 children with this stuff.

Naema told us that, ‘Four of us learning in this school are benefiting from the school feeding programme. I am happy with it. The food is not only tasty but also nutritious and makes us feel full all day. After taking food I study hard in school, with no need to go to work for food.’

See, it works! We’re ready to roll these meals out further, with your help.

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