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Genesis Calling


Eden is dying

and God shall lament.


For as we destroy Her,

we’ll cease to repent.


Gaia is crying

we burn her with shame,

consuming our poisons,

flame after flame.


Our children are drowning

in lands far away,

our families are fleeing

for somewhere to stay.


Ahimsa and Shanti

will soon be no more,

like the cruel wiping out

of the warm ocean floor.


And as we continue,

so righteous, so proud,

we’ll torture and slaughter

to screams so aloud!


Do not be deceived

by the calmness of the sky,

for in decades to come,

the storm will rage by.


We were called to Love,

but Love, we have failed.


We served Money with God,

so Greed has prevailed.


So come hither the chimneys,

who’ll pollute all the air


Come hither the bulldozers

who’ll steal and shall scare!


But how did this happen?

And how could this be?



The day of such reckoning

will demand this from me.


For just like when Eve

had conformed to another,

and the religious authorities

had condemned our dear brother


we acted in blindness,

indifferent to pain,

in cautious conformity,

we made all our gain.


So rebel against pastors

who claim it’s ‘God’s Word’

to serve their own comfort

and brainwash the herd.


Rebel against rulers,

whose ways are corrupt,

whose clubs and societies

we’ll expose and disrupt.


Rebel against giants,

whose profits mean most,

murdering the natives,

who’ll haunt them as ghosts.


For as the old prophets

and young hippies

do dream:


Let righteousness roll down

like a never-ending stream!


So take up your crosses,

stand up to the Drought,

rebel in your masses

- our time’s running out!