Give Up, Sacrifice, Adopt

A poem for Lent:


I give up chocolate so I don't gain weight.

I abstain from Facebook to stop wasting time.

I banish shopping to lock my money in the bank.

I withhold judgements to keep people happy.


I sacrifice chocolate for the good of my body.

I let go of social media to focus on good works.

I limit spending to save for the future.

I censor what I say to keep my mind pure.


I adopt good nutrition to feel healthy and strong.

I embrace productivity to make my time matter.

I guard my money for a fulfilling future.

I speak only kindness to encourage my peers.


I want to try harder. I want to achieve

A result that drives me to be the best I can be.

But how can I listen to don't, stop, give up, no?

Why can't I say yes, begin, take up, and go?