Jan Kairel Cabalona Guillermo - #iamclimatechange

At last year’s Paris climate change COP we met Jan from the Philippines. His story needs to be heard.

'The main story of why I am here is because I am with an organisation from Leyte, Philippines. It is the place where the world’s largest typhoon struck in November 2013. The world united for that catastrophic event. Several thousands of people died because of the typhoon so we have our organisation called ‘LEYTEam’ derived from our province called Leyte.

It is the responsibility of youth, to not just wait for the government or for NGOs to respond, but we are here to submit ourselves to them and help them in implementing what their plans are. So that is the reason why we organise ourselves. We want to bring the voice of the youth, of the typhoon Haiyan survivors, to a conference which promotes the implementation of the mitigation of climate change.

So that’s the main story of why we are here.

Climate change is not just a theory. It’s already happening.

A 300km per hour hurricane is not a joke. Killing tens of thousands of people is not a joke. Climate change for some, they say it is not true - for us it is important because we are already a victim and we don’t want it to happen again. So, we need to work hand in hand, no matter where you came from, no matter what race, no matter what your status in the community - we need to work hand in hand in order to mitigate the effects of climate change.'

Climate change impacts all of us. It's Jan's story, it’s my story, it's your story. #iamclimatechange