Just Another Blog About Climate Change

Christian Aid has been campaigning on climate change since 2007 when evidence from our partners showed that changes to our environment were rendering traditional methods of tackling poverty inadequate. Since then we have ... <yawn> …

Sorry, excuse me.

Where was I? Right. Since then we have mobilised thousands of campaigners to the cause of climate justice. Right from the start we argued climate change was a justice issue because we saw its effects hitting hardest in places that had done nothing to …

to …

What was I saying? I think I drifted off for a moment.

Is that a sparrow or a finch? I always get those two confused. Something to do with the plumage.

Oh, yeah. Climate change. My point is that even those of us that have been campaigning on this issue for over a decade can get tired of it too. Climate change is so massive, so scary and yet so every day - our brains just slide off it. It's constantly around us but that very omnipresence ultimately renders it kind of... boring. Like lethal wallpaper.

I think that when a campaign first starts there's always the possibility of a quick win. That hope, that we can change the world urgently and forever with an incisive, high-profile campaign, gives the early days a certain energy. Like a new relationship. It's a buzz, to be honest. But campaigns rarely achieve their goals overnight. As the days turn into weeks and years, as the initial creative ideas dry up, as fresh-faced idealism is ground against an implacable wall of bureaucracy - the shine fades. People stop turning up.

People stop caring.

But here's the newsflash, amigos. We can't afford to let this one slide. Climate Change IS the greatest threat to humanity that we're going to face in our lifetimes. And yes, it does hit the poorest of us first and hardest, but make no mistake, it's coming for all of us. There are people in power who view this whole thing as a war of attrition. If they can keep throwing up stumbling blocks and slowing down progress in a million tiny, vindictive ways - maybe, just maybe we'll become so inured to the situation we'll just give up, sit down and accept our fate.

We can't afford to let that happen.

Because if we do, they'll keep on putting up wallpaper until they've papered over all the doors and then we'll never be able to get out of this mess.

Okay, stretched that metaphor too far. I see that now.

Oh look a bird...