Longing For Belonging

Sometimes I feel frustrated, isolated and out of place, even when I am at Church.

Especially when I am at church.

My faith, my theology and my reading of the story of Jesus tells me that to follow him is to be passionate about peace and justice. To follow Jesus is to love my neighbour as I love myself. To follow Jesus, to join in the story of God IS to join in a story deeply committed to justice.

Sadly, I do not always see this heart for peace and justice in my church. Sometimes, just like I need it, the church needs to be helped along.

I take solace, though, in knowing that while I feel frustrated, isolated and out of place, I’m not alone. There are thousands of Christians who passionately believe that to follow Jesus means more than going to church. Knowing that it means more than taking communion.

There’s a significant number of Christians who know that to follow Jesus means stepping boldly into the path of injustice - to take action, to speak truth and walk humbly alongside those affected by it.

I have the privilege of working at Christian Aid, with a great team of people who share those values but I recognise we’re not the only ones who hold these values. We’re not the only ones working to see change.

See, my frustration is tied to the fact that I, and my church, could be, no, should be doing more. But it’s my feelings of isolation and not belonging that have held me back. I have met others who feel the same. Perhaps you may feel the same too?

It’s perfectly understandable to feel overpowered when we are disconnected but when we work together, with God, we can make great changes.

My hope is that we can become a community with you and others like you. That we can build important relationships together. Learn together, make change together and celebrate together. That this website, this platform be a community space.

In a world that tells us we’re isolated atomised individuals, there’s something very powerful in being a community.

So, my invitation to you is this: come, share, lead, challenge, grow, speak truth to power, make change. Together let’s become prophetic activists.