Moonbase Eco

We're bringing something pretty special to Greenbelt Festival this year.

After the massive success of our escape room last year (with fully booked appearances across the country) we knew we had to do something bigger, better and more ambitious this year. But how could we top magnetic mazes, invisible messages, giant steel vaults and colour changing light puzzles?

Two letters for you.



Yep, we're going full virtual reality.

And we know what you're thinking. You're thinking it's going to be some vanilla, android-phone-in-a-poorly-fitting-headset affair that will trigger your motion sickness while simultaneously sending you to sleep.

Well think again, dear reader, because we've pulled out all the stops on this one. We're rocking a high-spec HTC Vive rig (for the uninitiated, this is good) which even features a completely wireless visor so you can walk around in the virtual world unencumbered. You'll be able to pick things up, crouch, jump and twirl around in your new virtual home.

But where are we taking you? The plundered rainforests of Colombia? An isolated village in Kenya or Nigeria? A new agricultural programme in Cambodia? No, you're going a little further than that, in fact A LOT further, 238,900m to humanity's first lunar colony - Moonbase Eco.

You'll take on the role of the colony's newest Residential Control Manager. Your job - to use the latest anti-grav platform technology to landscape the urban terrain of your new neighbourhood. What makes a residential sector feel like a home? A lovely park area perhaps? With a pond? Perhaps an outdoor theatre or gym? These are the decisions you'll need to make to keep your friends and neighbours happy.

Yes, it sure is an idyllic existence on Moonbase Eco. No one wants for anything. There's no disease or conflict. Everyone is at peace inside the circumference of its giant geodesic dome.

And for those of you wondering why an international development charity is simulating a lunar colony, we'll just say this - perhaps everything isn't quite as it seems in our utopian paradise?

Find out exactly how Moonbase Eco links to our campaign on displacement by booking the experience at Greenbelt.

Sign up to our newsletter for more details. Moonbase Eco is an experience for people aged 13 and up. Due to the nature of some scenes we'd caution parental guidance for those under 16 too.

P.S. We’re looking for VR enthusiasts and experts to join our volunteering team at Greenbelt. You’ll get a free ticket, food vouchers and time to enjoy all that Greenbelt has to offer. Interested? Contact us for more information.