Nameaaea Hoshino - #iamclimatechange

At last year’s Paris climate change COP we met Nameaaea from Hawaii. His story needs to be heard.

We live on an Island and so we live in a difficult time. We have to take care of our resources and water - we have to think ‘island life’ and island living specifically. The only thing that we think about is how to survive in this habitat.

On the earth we’re seeing dramatic changes and so we’re trying to find solutions alongside other people. We can learn from different perspectives and different knowledge. We don’t have all the answers ourselves but we can tell our story.

For us as practitioners, as farmers and as indigenous people specifically, we always have to look back to our traditions. There is a saying ‘Ka wa ma mua, ka wa ma hope’ (the future is in the past). Whatever we learn from the past we have to apply it to the future because that’s the thing that’s going to connect us back to our roots. Today, people are coming back to their traditions.

We look at the land suffering on the mountains and see the ocean suffering as well. We understand those things. But with the disconnect we’re experiencing, you have to work harder at knowing yourself and knowing your place. It’s an embodiment of our DNA that’s passed on to us and putting those ideas into the next generation is important. If all those things we learned are for nothing, we can’t contribute to the future.


Climate change impacts all of us. It's Nameaaea's story, it’s my story, it's your story. #iamclimatechange