It’s Not The Super-Rich That The Panama Papers Are Hurting

Unless you’ve been living under a rock on the Cayman Islands for the past week you’ll have heard a lot of people talking about Panama. Don’t panic, it’s still there.

For all you rock dwellers out there a prominent law firm called Mossack Fonseca suffered a leak of over 11 million documents from its computer systems. What these documents reveal is just a snapshot of the lengths many wealthy individuals and companies are going to in order to hide their money from tax authorities. These are the very tax authorities which you, me and people the world over pay into to fund vital public services like roads, hospitals and fire engines. Tax dodging deeply affects people in poorer countries, denying them revenue which could save lives and lift people out of poverty. So, it’s kind of a big deal.

We’ve been campaigning on the issues of tax secrecy for a few years now, trying to shine a light on the legal but deeply immoral practice of tax avoidance. But these leaks give us an opportunity to publically scrutinise these practices like never before.

So, we need your help!

In light of the Panama leak, the eyes of the world are on the rich and powerful hiding their billions offshore and not paying the taxes due to the countries they operate in.

Join us in calling on David Cameron to ensure that all seven British Overseas Territories with financial centres have to publish who owns what and where by establishing public registers of company ownership, so that nobody can avoid the taxman!