Record Breakers

Denmark is smashing world records left, right and centre. The secret to their success really is a breeze.

In 2015 the Scandinavian country produced 42% of their electricity from wind turbines, the world’s highest ever figure. But they’re not planning on stopping there. They’re setting their sights even higher and aim to generate 50% of their energy using wind power by 2020.

And it looks like this target will be blown away!

In July last year, Denmark’s wind turbines generated enough energy to meet the entire country’s monthly need. In fact they even had some going spare. This leftover energy was shared with neighbours in Germany, Sweden and Norway.

What’s more, on 2nd September 2015 Denmark went 24hrs without even switching on their coal and gas power stations. They relied solely on renewable energies and imported electricity.

In countries like Denmark, we’re witnessing the winds of change away from dirty fossil fuels, to cleaner renewable options. So what are we waiting for? Let’s throw caution to the wind and tell our government here in the UK to shift from dirty fossil fuels, to cleaner low carbon alternatives. We’ve seen it can be done.

Well done Denmark, you’re a breath of fresh air and your success has blown our minds.

Just like your turbines, we’re all massive fans!