Eat Act Pray - September

The beauty of being part of a campaigning movement is that you can sit around the kitchen table with just a few friends but also be sitting alongside thousands of people around the world who are on the same journey as you. 

This is Gerry. He lives in the Philippines and he's part of our campaign movement. He does some amazing campaigning to put a stop to financial institutions, like banks and pension funds, putting money into fossil fuels.


"Coal is really bad. Coal is not just dirty because it fuels climate change - and we’re experiencing climate first hand - but it also kills communities. Filipinos are affected by coal plants due to it’s pollution on air and on water. It’s not just dirty, it’s deadly."


Despite the coal industry being in decline, in South East Asia it's still growing. And it's financial institutions like banks who are funding it.

"Our message to the commercial banks and financial institutions - and the people of Europe whose money is in those banks - is that your investment in these projects means life and death to Filipinos who are feeling the brunt, not just of climate change, but the pollution and wanton destruction of communities and environments here in the Philippines." 

We had a chat with Gerry to find out more about why he's campaigning to stop coal.

Talk it over

Read our interview with Gerry, get one of you to play us (the interviewer) and one of you to read out Gerry's responses. 

  • How does it make you feel to know about the impacts that coal is having on people's lives in the Philippines? 
  • Did you know that banks use our money to fund things like coal plants? Do you think that's ok? 
  • UK banks have about £50 Trillion made up of all our savings. If you had a say in what our banks did with our money, what would you want them to use it for?
  • Gerry reckons young people have a huge role to play in climate change campaigning, because it's our future that is impacted. What do you want your future to look like?

Take Action

The top UK banks have about £50 Trillion in assets. That's all the money that all of us pay into our bank accounts and put into savings. And while we're not spending it, they're investing it in companies that they think will make a profit. Sounds sensible enough, but more than often the companies that make a profit are the ones we might not choose to put our money into... things like oil and gas and coal. Banks are using our money to fund climate change.

We're not ok with that so we've written them a letter and we need you to deliver it for us. 

Throughout September and October we're trying to make sure someone delivers our letter every single day. We'd love you to take part and take a letter into your local bank branch for us. Here's how to do it. 

If you're planning on doing a bank visit, we'd really like to hear about it, so let us know here. And if you want anymore information or if you want any help with your bank visit, just drop us an email 



‘Then, opening their treasure chests, they offered him gifts’ Matthew 2:11

Gracious God, 

Most of us don’t have treasure chests, some of us have worldly wealth, some of us live on the edge of penury.

The richest among us are not always the most generous, the poorest of us have unexpected and often unnoticed gifts to give.

But if our hearts thrill and rejoice at the safe birth of a child, at the raising up of the humble, at the promise of a different way and the hope of justice, then we offer you back the riches of our lives, our insights for reflection, our commitments for action, our money, time and talents.

In you and through you, let them be healing, nourishing, serving in the life of the world.

Touch us with your loving and joyful spirit, deliver us to be your new creation and sharers in your creativity so that we may be people who choose true wealth.

We ask in Jesus’ name,


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