Someone Zotchi - #iamclimatechange

At last year’s Paris climate change COP we met Someone Zotchi from Togo. Her story needs to be heard.

I’m here because I’m young and, for me, climate change is very important. If we don’t get a solution to the challenge of climate change now then it will be very difficult for future generations, for society, to develop and move on. Today, hunger, agriculture, environment and almost everything other issue is related to climate change so it’s very important to do what we can.

We are the power today.

Every young person wants solutions, so we are here to act and to push every country and every authority to think about the future and to make the necessary decisions to act at COP21 for our future.

Climate change impacts all of us. It's Someone's story, it’s my story, it's your story. #iamclimatechange