The Collective Communion

['Communion' Noun: The sharing or exchanging of thoughts and feelings, especially on a mental or spiritual level]

Eventbrite - The Collective Communion

When: Saturday 18th May // 10.30am – 7pm

Where: The Brickworks, 48 Barton Square, Manchester M3 2BH

The Christian Aid Collective are calling young adults who are interested in faith and passionate about justice to gather together. We love community. Great things happen when people meet to share ideas and to challenge and encourage each other. We want to ask the difficult questions and explore them in a safe, non-judgemental environment, as every community should.

We all have different gifts, strengths, worries and insecurities. And the result of all those differences is a head full of ideas that is utterly unique to each one of us. We want to celebrate the depth and breadth of our experience and dive into what it means when we stand together against the injustices we see in our home town, our country and around the world.

Lovely words. But what do they mean in practice?

They mean, a full day of speakers (soon to be revealed!), creative workshops, panels, and open space discussions around the following themes: 

Mind: Tackling the big questions around justice, inequality, structural power and oppression

Soul: A Christian theological insight into tackling injustice, engaging in activism and what it means to put your faith into action.

Hands: The practical details of getting out there and making a difference. Through creativity, business, digital & design, how can we be a practical part of the change we want to see?

Heart: Facing the problems of the world can be a heavy weight to carry. We want to give you a place to reflect, pray and recuperate through open space and structured sessions focussing on avoiding burn out and prioritising self-care.

And a free lunch thrown in for good measure.


Confirmed Guest Speakers:

Luke works as a freelance copywriter for different brands, startups and charities. In his spare time, he likes making things (recently: a musical about startups, a magazine about running). He used to be a full-time musician.
Selina Stone is Tutor and Lecturer in Political Theology at St Mellitus College. She is currently undertaking PhD research at the University of Birmingham focussed on liberation and justice in Pentecostal theology and ministry.
Andy is Baptist Minister and a Local Councillor. He has been actively involved in politics for 10 years and has stood at all levels of government from Town Council to Parliament. He is passionate about local communities finding their voice.
Chine McDonald leads the Media & PR team at Christian Aid. Prior to that, she worked at World Vision and before that was director of communications at the Evangelical Alliance, including running – an online faith and justice collective.
Jackson is a queer, black, trans man and advertising creative with a passion for social justice. He's also a co-founder of Rally, an intersectional diversity community for people hoping to drive positive change in the creative industries.
We are VERY excited to announce our partner for this event – Greenbelt Festival! Not only are Greenbelt contributing thoughts & ideas to the day but also sharing an amazing ticket discount with all attendees! £85 for a full weekend ticket.