This website will be permanently closing down at the end of April 2021. Thank you for all your support. The Christian Aid Collective is building something new, which we're excited to share with you soon. 

Content Volunteer

Thursday 22nd - Tuesday 27th August

Job Description

  • The CC volunteer will be asked to go to specific talks or sessions around the festival to collect and create content around the thoughts and ideas shared. We will be expecting you to produce at least THREE Greenbelt-inspired pieces post-festival.
  • The CC volunteer with be required to spend three to five hours per day working on content for the Christian Aid Collective. This includes; training & orientation on Friday 23rd and duties on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
  • The CC volunteer will take part in activities including; attending the CA Collective Take Over sessions, flyering the festival, spreading the word about the CA Collective sessions through social media.
  • Dependent on skill set, there is also a possibility that the CC volunteer might be involved in the Collective takeover sessions as host or facilitator.


Person Specification

  • Excellent writing style, able to express a personal viewpoint with clarity.
  • An interest in Christian Aid's work and a willingness to learn more about Christian Aid and the CA Collective.
  • An interest in Climate Justice Campaigning and an enthusiasm for seeing more people engaging in campaigning
  • Some experience in festival or charity volunteering would be desirable
  • Personable, approachable and confident in striking up conversation with fellow festival goers
  • 18-25 years old (If you are outside of this age range, please see the Christian Aid Volunteer Roles on the Christian Aid Website)



  • Full weekend festival ticket price
  • Food provided during the weekend - food vouchers will be provided for one meal a day and remaining food provided by the Christian Aid Venue
  • Free Shower Wristband
  • Access to the camping field on Thursday 22nd (24hrs early)
  • Travel Expenses covered up to £50 and car park permit available


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