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The Election Is Nigh

At 11:59 tonight the doors are locked. None but those on the electoral roll will be eligible to cast a vote in the upcoming (Dec 12th) general election.

We like democracy, it’s a special thing. We work in many countries that don’t have it, with people who have no voice. It’s why we care about whether those who do have the right are choosing to exercise it.

So, with a handful of hours left to register here’s what you should do:

Register to vote

Just head here. You need your national insurance number and some personal details that you will know off the top of you head. It takes moments.

Get your friends registered to vote

Easy, share the link with anyone you know who might not be registered. Throw it up on your social media profiles. Get people registered, especially if they’re between 2 addresses. If you’re studying in another place then you can register in 2 locations, but only vote in 1.

Read about your candidates

You can find out who’s running in your area using this BBC webpage. Just throw in your postcode and off you go.

Engage with your candidates

Once you know who’s running why not send them an email, follow them on Twitter or see if they’ve got an active website? Most candidates outline their positions and are happy to engage and answer questions during an election campaign. If you're looking for inspiration as to where to start with any questions you might have then check out our helpful 'guide to the election' resource.

Attend hustings

Many candidates attend gatherings during an election campaign known as hustings. It’s where all (or most) local candidates meet to debate and answer questions from voters. You might need to do a little more digging to find out when and where these events take place near you. Check local candidates websites for details.

Remember to vote

Once registered you should recieve a poll card through the post. You don't need to take it with you to vote but it makes the process slightly quicker.

Change is made by those who show up, so give yourself the option.