The Story Of Our New Logo

You might have noticed that we've been doing some decorating? But these changes run deeper than a new logo. We’re also changing the way we do things.

We’ve been around for about four years now and in that time we’ve made lots of friends and seen hundreds of young people across the country using their talents and their voices to challenge the way things are, calling for something better. 

We’re passionate about communicating what’s going on around the world and inspiring people to be part of a community that’s running towards a better world. We're always looking to do that in an even better, even more inspiring way. So, we took a look at our values and how our brand mirrors them. Here's what we came up with:

Keeping things simple. Development is a complex thing. So we're trying really hard to strike balance between being honest about the complexity of the world without overwhelming you and communicating this complexity in really inspiring, simple ways.

We’re proud to be part of Christian Aid. So we’ve got their logo at the centre of ours. Christian Aid is at the centre of our community, they’re our partners in crime. Actually they’re our partners in changing the world. 

We want to make more things and be more hand crafted. What is it that Margaret Mead said? ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has’. Imagine a movement made up of the talents and creativity of dedicated individuals. That's what we’re aspiring to. So if you’ve got skills, get involved.

We could just tell you facts about the world; we could just bore you with the details. But we’d rather share a story with you.

So that’s where we’re starting. With stories. The stories of the real people we work with. The stories of families and friends who live around the world and who have hopes and fears, just like you and me.