Christian Aid Legends: The Tiny Dynamo

I love my nephew. I’m willing to accept this might be because I’m closely related to him. I mean loads of people have tiny humans in their family and the vast majority seem to love them. Statistically children can’t all be great so I’ll admit biology must be a factor. Regardless, I think he’s awesome.

My nephew is called Ethan. He is very small and, like me, he has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He has an earnest face; it makes me laugh how earnest he is. His eyes take up too much space and whatever he’s feeling plays across those giant optic portals in high definition. All the joys and sadness of a five year old life right up there in widescreen. He feels things so deeply, he can’t disguise them. Happiness, anger, despair, injustice. 

He feels injustice keenly. And not just the normal 5 year old injustices - who got a bigger scoop of ice cream or why do his 'big friends' stay up later than him? (He calls his aunts and uncles his ‘big friends’ - he is adorable). No, Ethan is also interested in global injustices. After attending an assembly on the challenges of receiving education in many developing countries he came home determined to raise money and send more kids to school.

Ethan decided to do this by attempting a sponsored three mile scooter ride … dressed as a superhero. No prompting from anyone else, this idea arrived fully formed. According to Ethan he was determined to raise enough to send at least two [children] so they have someone to play with’. All the proceeds of his ride went to Christian Aid - well over £400 once the dust settled. 

Here's a short, one minute video of his ride.

I love my nephew.

He thinks about other people and he feels their pain.

And then he stops thinking and he actually does something about it.

When I grow up I want to be more like him.