'There Was Nowhere Better Than Syria'

‘This isn’t like Syria…’

‘There was nowhere better than Syria. If we were to go back now and there was no war in that place I would kiss the feet of whoever would take me there. We were living very well before the war, we were very happy.’

‘Then our house was destroyed, totally. We left Aleppo and went to Afrin then we tried to pass the border into Turkey, but it was very difficult. The Turkish army was trying not to let us pass.’

‘We were trying to pass the border but the army was firing teargas and there were rocks thrown, and then we came here.’

‘They say there are some problems in Europe because it is not only Syrians going; it is people of other nationalities, so they are afraid. Europe is afraid because some of them are going there and making problems.’

‘All the time we thought we would leave the country and come to Europe. We got out of the country, we passed through the sea, but now we are still here. I was at the Macedonia part of the border. I thought I would stay for one or two months, but I stayed for three or four months until the rain destroyed our tents when we slept.’

‘So we came here. But now they are afraid of us.’

Mustafa came to Europe with his family. Samira, his mother, spoke with us too. You can read her story here.