We Stand On Sacred Ground

So there’s this thing which I think binds us to all the other major religions of the world. We’re standing on it. It’s the earth beneath our feet.

Taking care of the environment isn’t just for tree hugging hippies or the godless anymore. It can’t just be an issue for the secular or new-agers. In fact, it’s central to religions and faith traditions the world over, including ours.

Whilst our history might be dotted with conflict, a care for creation is where we have unending unity with all the other major religions and traditions. It’s common ground - A place where we practice solidarity, peace and action with one another. 

And that togetherness, like the sacred ground we stand on, is a beautiful thing.

So what if we took this commission, to care for creation seriously? What might that look like? Would it look like Churches and Mosques and Synagogues switching to renewable energy to power their buildings? Would it look like people of faith hitting the streets and making a stand to protest when our earth is being damaged?

This Sunday marks Sacred Earth Day. It’s also about 6 months since world leaders gathered in Paris to agree on a plan of action to tackle climate change. So, to mark both occasions, people of all faiths are gathering across the world for a day of prayer and action and to call on world leaders to uphold their commitment to a 1.5 degree limit on global temperature rises.

So what are you going to do?

Perhaps you could see if there’s something already planned in your community? Perhaps you could organise a project to undertake at church (paint a mural or build a sculpture) or maybe, you could make time to simply say a prayer for our planet. 

Whatever you choose to do this Sacred Earth Day know that as you do so, you stand on sacred ground.