This website will be permanently closing down at the end of April 2021. Thank you for all your support. The Christian Aid Collective is building something new, which we're excited to share with you soon. 

We Wrote Our Own Manifesto

Christian Aid was founded to fight global poverty and injustice. So we've written an election campaign manifesto to let all the major parties know what could be done right now to achieve that aim. If you want all the glorious detail then you can read the whole thing here.

For everyone else, here's a quick summary of what we want the new UK government to do on several key issues.

Ending climate injustice

The changing climate is a justice issue because the people who are currently suffering the most from it are the people who did the least to create it. The UK is the second largest, historic emitter of greenhouse gases per capita since we began burning dead dinosaurs for energy in the first place. So we need to lead the charge in reducing their net use to zero. Our plea to prospective candidates is:

  • don't take any more fossil fuels out of the ground
  • stop banks financing fossil fuel companies
  • scale back our own emissions so that we can be net zero by 2050
  • invest A LOT of money in renewable energy solutions so our economy can transition to a net zero future with confidence and grace
  • do all this in a way that doesn't leave any social or economic group behind
  • spearhead a MASSIVE transfer of finance and technology to climate-vulnerable countries so they can adapt to climate change more quickly
  • enthusiastically work together with anyone who has the same vision as us - nationally and internationally


Creating a fairer global economy

There's a lot of money sloshing around in the world at the moment but it's so often the case that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. That's a broken system right there. Here's what the new UK government can do to fix it:

  • work with financial institutions to create very clear guidelines on what constitutes illegitimate and unsustainable debt and ... don't do that anymore
  • actually spend 0.7% of our gross national income on ending poverty like we said we would
  • keep the Department of International Development (DFID) independent as it’s always proved to be the most effective govt department when it comes to tackling global poverty
  • don't let large companies continue to dodge paying their taxes


Responding to conflict and disaster, and Working for peace

You may have noticed that the world is currently on fire. There are a lot of wars and there are a lot of natural disasters. We want the new UK government to step up our game as we try and help and, AT AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM, not actively make things worse. Here's how:

  • invest more in peace than we do in war
  • dramatically increase the number of refugees we take in
  • engage with Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory - initiate meaningful conversations, hold parties to account under international law


That’s it. Agree with our manifesto? Anything we miss?