Why Bangladesh?

This Christian Aid Week we're telling stories from Bangladesh. Here's 16 reasons why we're working there and why we want to carry on working there.

Four fifths of Bangladeshi's live on less than £1.30 a day. Add natural disasters to that and you've got the perfect poverty storm.

Every year, when the snow melts in the Himalayas, the rivers swell and cause flooding. And it's only getting worse with climate change.

No one should have to be afraid of their home flooding.

A better life is just six feet away. We've already raised people's houses so that the river can't swallow them up. 

Because our partner, GUK, is one of the few organisations working with some of the poorest communities in northern Bangladesh. And they're transforming people's lives. 

We want to help people become stronger, more resilient and self-sufficient.  

Because we're giving people seeds to grow tasty veg.  

Because everyone should learn how to use worms to make the best compost. 

Because farm animals make everyone's life better (and they bring the money in!)

Because we can make sure families get to stay together and husbands don't have to spend months away from home making money in the city. 

Because Julekha wants to be a doctor one day and we can help her get the education she needs to make it happen. 

Because even though swimming is fun, no-one should have to live in water all the time. 

Because everyone deserves the tools to build a better future. 

Because we're called to love our neighbours. Not just the ones next door. 

Because together we're stronger. 

Because we won't stop until all people are raised up. 

Find out more about our work in Bangladesh and be part of making lives better around the world this Christian Aid Week.