Why Greece?

Greece - known for it's sun, sea, ancient civilizations, philosophy, the invention of democracy, advancing mathematics and moussaka. It's perhaps not known for being a hotbed of international development activity.

We started working there in 2015 - providing shelter and healthcare, setting up community kitchens and offering legal and mental health support. Here's why:

Becasue Greece is currently home to over 57,000 refugees.

Because in 2015 Europe closed its borders, leaving people stuck in Greece, with no way forwards and no ways back.

Because people who've been forced to leave their homes deserve a place to belong. 

Because no one should have to live in fear of war.

Because after a long and dangerous journey people need somewhere to rest. 

Because unaccompanied minors need someone to look out for them. 

Because when all you have is a tent, you still want to make it feel like home. 

Because all children need a space to play. 

Because sharing a room with eight other families is no fun.

Because no matter where you are, beating your friend at chess is always important.

Because refugees are people too.

Christian Aid's partners in Greece are providing essential humanitarian support to refugees on the islands of Samos, Chios, and Kos. On mainland Athens, our partner, The Greek Council for Refugess, is providing legal support for unaccompanied children. Through CARITAS we're providing housing for the most vulnerable refugees and enabling children to resume their education. We're also developing projects that are bringing together refugees and Greek families living below the poverty line. If you'd like to support this work, you can be part of it through generous giving.